Which fitness tracker is waterproof? Top pick!

Which fitness tracker is waterproof? Top pick!
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Water resistance is important in a fitness tracker. It is the capability to repel water when it accidentally comes in contact with it. The trackers may be exposed to water or sweat when working out or doing physical activities.

Hence, water resistance is an important consideration when choosing a fitness tracker. Which fitness tracker is waterproof?

This article discusses why a fitness tracker being waterproof is important and will feature the top waterproof fitness trackers today.

Water resistance or being waterproof are additional features in fitness trackers that add to the cost. Most waterproof trackers have IP67 capability which means that they are safe for washing hands, getting caught in the rain, or sweating. While some are safe for swimming, other trackers are not built for this activity.

If you often encounter water in your workout, invest in a waterproof fitness tracker. Some brands are splash proof, others are safe when showering, and some high-end tracker brands are suitable for swimming.

If a fitness tracker is not waterproof, it can easily get damaged and you might not be able to use it again when it gets wet. Don’t waste your money, but invest in a waterproof fitness tracker. Below are the top selling waterproof fitness trackers.

Which fitness tracker is waterproof? Top list

DBPOWER Fitness Tracker

This 0.96 inch OLED touchscreen fitness tracker is IP67 waterproof that is safe when sweating, getting caught in the rain, or washing hands. The feature makes it durable and cost effective aside from the other features like weather forecast, multi-style dial, guided breathing, GPS, multi-sports mode, step and calorie counter, heart rate monitor, and more.

LEMFO Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitor

What makes the LEMFO Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitor durable is its strap made of TPU, plastic, and silicone materials. Combine it with the IP67 waterproof classification, it can last for long and withstand water, dust, and shock.

It tracks steps walked/run, distance, calories burned, different sports activities, heart rate, sleep quality, and more. It is equipped with a long-lasting 90mAH battery which can last up to 7 days.

Toprime Fitness Tracker

The Toprime Fitness Tracker is a mid-range price tracker that has a lot of features and capabilities. It is waterproof and can be used for swimming, showering, or washing hands.

It monitors and records fitness related metrics and show notifications in its 0.96 inch OLED touchscreen display. Its battery can last 4-7 days.

LYOU Fitness Tracker

The LYOU Fitness Tracker is IP67 waterproof and it’s safe at approximately 1 meter below water. But aside from that, it has great functionality including a heart rate tracker, calorie counter, distance/steps walked or run, sedentary alert, 14 training modes, GPS, and more.

It has a clear, OLED touchscreen display that shows phone notifications so you won’t miss any important calls or texts.

Letufit Plus Activity Tracker

The Letufit Plus Activity Tracker is a high-end tracker that has 14 total training modes that monitor your performance in different sports/physical activities like walking, dancing, hiking, running, tennis, basketball, etc. It has an auto heart rate tracker, sleep monitor, and sedentary reminder.

It can last for years because it’s IP67 waterproof; however, it’s not suitable for swimming or diving activities.

Other aspects to consider

Aside from water resistance, there are other factors to consider when choosing a durable activity tracker.

Battery life

Most fitness trackers are equipped with 65-90mAh battery which lasts up to 5-7 days standby time. Some batteries are rechargeable using the built-in USB plug in or a separate cable, while other fitness trackers have replaceable batteries similar to batteries used in calculators and cameras.


Make sure that the fitness tracker has a good, secure compatibility with your smartphone. Most trackers can be paired with iOS, Android, or Bluetooth devices, while the Apple Watch can only be synched with iPhones and iPads.


Fitness trackers today come as a smartwatch worn around the wrists. But there are still clip-on trackers that can be worn as pendants or attached to your clothing. Manufacturers used to focus more on functionality, rather than style and fashion.

But today, they now create fitness trackers with style and fashion in mind. Choose a style that you are most comfortable with and a tracker that has the functionalities you need.


Water resistance is a very important factor to consider when choosing a durable fitness tracker. It allows the tracker to resist splashes of water or sweat.

But other than water resistance, there are other factors that you should take into consideration including the style, compatibility, and battery life.

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