What Does a Fitness Tracker Do?

What Does a Fitness Tracker Do?
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High-tech gadgets can be hard to understand, especially nowadays when you can find numerous devices, each with a specific purpose that you have never heard of. Fitness trackers are not necessarily new but they still haven’t been on the market long enough so not everyone knows what they are.

If you recently heard about them and are wondering what does a fitness tracker do, and whether they could be useful for you or not, read on to find out what they offer. After, you can consider if it fits perfectly in your lifestyle or if you won’t really find it useful at all.

Main Purpose: What Does a Fitness Tracker Do

Fitness has slowly become a lifestyle for many people around the world. Now more than ever, health is tied up with exercise and a good diet, and because this philosophy has gained millions of followers so far, technology manufacturers decided to invest in creating a device that could help fit people stay that way, or unfit people to try to lead a healthier life.

For this, they created fitness trackers, which are smart bracelets that can be worn around your wrist and that have an OLED screen sensitive to touch that displays useful information to the wearer.

This information varies according to the model but it normally is an amount of activity data that lets you know how much you did in your workout or how your heart rate is doing.

Fitness trackers are quite smart and their screens usually light up just by flipping your wrist. This will give you a quick look at the time, the date, and if you are on activity mode, the calories you’ve burned or the steps you’ve taken.

However, their functions are many and these are just the default ones. But what else can a fitness tracker offer?

Default Functions

As we already mentioned, most models will just count the steps you take while running or walking, and give you a report of how many calories you burned. However, as times passes, they became smarter and you can find many models now that can also monitor your heart rate both in resting and exercising modes.

Some also monitor your sleep thus offering the possibility of seeing what’s the quality of your sleep during the night and how many REM hours you’re getting. Depending on the model, you will also be able to choose between different sports and activities that will help the tracker determine how much you are really achieving with each routine.

The idea behind it is to offer the user detailed data for a better understanding on what they are doing while they exercise. And because they could also activate inactivity alarms, they are good reminders to stand up and walk a bit if you’ve been sitting down doing nothing for too long.

Mobile Pairing

Fitness trackers are usually complemented with an app that can be installed on your smartphone to enhance the reports. This app will also give you access to a greater number of features that vary according to the bracelet. It could allow you to pick more sports mode, for example.

However, the two main reasons for mobile pairing are to receive notifications and to connect to the GPS. The former will make the fitness tracker display incoming calls, messages and SNS on the screen of the bracelet, while the latter will allow you to keep track of which routes you take and what’s the distance you ran or walk when training.

It can also do the job of remote control for your phone’s camera or music player, allowing you to take pictures with just or change songs with just a tap on your wrist.

Something important to keep in mind is that mobile pairing is usually only available for Android 4.4 or above, or iOS 7.1 or above so if you make up your mind to buy one, make sure that you own a smartphone new enough to pair the bracelet with.


Among other functions, a fitness tracker can have waking alarms, a date and time display, and even anti-lost features for your phone, which lets you know when the mobile is far away from the fitness tracker, preventing the possibility of losing it.

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