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What are some health benefits of wearing fitness trackers? Can one’s health really improve?

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Fitness trackers are one of the most prized possession among fitness enthusiasts since the wearable tech made its debut in the fitness and wellbeing industry. Fitness trackers allow people to track their physical activities such as step taken, active time, pace, distance covered, calorie expenditure, and some even provide heart rate and sleep monitor. Manufacturers of fitness trackers claim their products can enhance the health of wearers, but there have been arguments over the validity or otherwise of these claims. Indeed, fitness trackers have many features that help users increase their health and general wellbeing.

Health benefits

If you want to improve your fitness levels, a fitness tracker is a perfect tool for setting goals and motivating yourself. Here are some of the health benefits offered by fitness trackers

Help you lose weight

One of the main reasons why people use fitness trackers is to shed some excess weight. Fitness trackers are specifically designed to motivate people to move more. They come with activity tracking sensors that monitor steps, distance, active time, and calorie burn. Because calorie expenditure is one of the most important elements of weight loss, fitness trackers provide users regular feedback about their calorie burn and help them stay accountable and motivated to achieve their weight loss goals.

May improve heart function

Many fitness trackers now come with a heart rate monitor. A heart rate monitor is an essential tool for determining the effectiveness of workouts. If a workout increases your heart rate, it shows that the exercise made use of a lot of calories in your body, and would be an effective way of losing weight. The heart rate monitor can also detect arterial defibrillation and sleep apnea, helping you to seek medical help before it is too late.

Helps improve quality of sleep

The quality of sleep is often a measure of how healthy we are. People who are sleep deprived often face different kinds of physical and psychological problems which reduces their quality of life and may endanger the lives of others. Fitness trackers with the feature to track sleep help users monitor the quality of their sleep, identifying any problems associated with their night rest. Fitness trackers that monitor sleep can show you the level of restfulness or restlessness you achieved at night. They can also detect sleep apnea, a serious condition that can result in erratic sleeping patterns and serious health complications, helping you seek a medical solution before the problem graduates to a life-threatening situation.

Can one’s health improve from using Fitness Trackers?

This question has elicited plenty debate from proponents of fitness trackers and opponents of the device. But the reality is that fitness trackers can improve a person’s health when used correctly. Fitness trackers are not a magic bullet that provides a quick fix for all your health problems. They are only a facilitator to help you on the road to an optimal state of health. Whether or not you wear a fitness tracker, continue to follow your workout and diet program religiously if you want to see desired results. The fitness tracker can provide statistics and hourly reminders to move, but nothing changes if you don’t act upon the feedback provided by the device. In the end, the impact a fitness tracker has on your health will depend on your actions and inactions. To make your investment in a fitness tracker worthwhile, ensure to implement all the advice and clues provided by the device. Otherwise, you have only succeeded in buying a toy.

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