The Apple Watch Series 2 Review

apple watch series 2
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When it comes to Top 5 smartphones in the world, it’s no surprise to see the Apple iPhone always on the list. Out of all the smartphones sold in the market during the first quarter, around 15% of them were iPhones.

But the smartphone market isn’t the only corner they dominated. When it comes to wearable technology, the company still excels and competes with other brands like Fitbit wristbands.

The Apple Watch Series 2 is one of the best smartwatches you can buy since it launched. Even with the new Series 3, it’s still one of the best options when compared to the competition. It’s the company’s second-generation watch and it’s a big hit for people looking for good features at a reasonable price.

Here are some of the things you need to know.

General Features

Apple’s focus shifted to fitness with the release of the Apple Series 2 watch. After all, it added GPS to track your runs and cycling sessions without the need of your iPhone. Its waterproofing capabilities make it a great device for swim tracking regardless of whether it’s the pool or open water.

An app installed in this smartwatch is Breathe, which helps users relax. With these set of features, Apple intends to market it to people who own sports watches. But that doesn’t mean that only these types of people can use this Apple watch.

After all, the Apple Watch 2 features aim to correct the deficiencies of its predecessor. This helps even non-active people interact with the Series 2 every day by offering better support for third-party apps.


When it comes to the visual aesthetic of this watch, it hasn’t changed compared to its previous iteration. Regardless of this, it looks great and it gives off a premium feel considering its price. If you pair it with leather or metal straps, it looks elegant and classy.

This Apple watch is one of the few devices capable of giving a statement through its design alone. While it maintains a similar appearance with the Apple Watch Series 1, the noticeable difference is that it’s thicker than the original at 42mm on its thickest version. Other than that, it maintains the light and comfortable make so it prevents wrist aches.

The crown and the button are still at the same place and the fit of the Apple watch straps remains the same. It’s a blessing for people who bought straps from third-party sellers. In any case, you can still get the aluminum and stainless steel versions of the Series 2 alongside the new ceramic version.

But the biggest design change out of everything is the waterproofing capabilities. After all, you can now take your Series 2 watch 50 meters deep into the water before it breaks. It’s an impressive feat since they did it without changing the device’s core design.


At its core, this Apple watch retains the same features boasted by its first iteration. What this means is that, first and foremost, you can use this device as a simple watch. You can change its face to the companion iPhone app and customize its small widgets to make it easier for you to access them.

It’s a fine watch replacement no matter what angle you look it from. After all, while it isn’t an “always-on” display, it will show you all the necessary content once you raise your arm to look at it. What’s more is that the bubble home screen remains and you can unlock it using the digital crown.

As a core feature for the smartwatch, the Series 2 works much better compared to its predecessor. The notifications appear without issues. This allows you to read, dismiss, or interact with them as you desire.

The notifications are great when you want to respond to your contacts since you don’t need to pull up your phone to get social media updates. Also, this smartwatch allows you to make calls and use Siri to help, but it allows you to do so without speaking into the watch to respond. The notifications are hard to miss especially when someone wants to get in touch with you since it gives off a gentle buzz and a ping.


While it works the same as the original, the Series 2 has the most varied collection of apps. When first buying it, it has a host of pre-installed apps that you can augment using the Apple App Store. The stock apps are there like the Workout, Activity, and Messages apps.

As for performance, most of the issues that hinder it before got resolved. After all, the smartwatch has a better dual-core processor underneath the hood. New apps can now load up within two seconds instead of the usual five seconds without the usual crashes and freezes its predecessor suffered from.

In terms of the selection and quality of Apple apps, there are still a small number of questionable ones.

There are no best apps in the App Store–rather, they have a wide selection of little one-function apps that you’ll surely love. In the early days of the smartwatch, some of the fitness apps don’t support the Series 2’s GPS sensor, but it’s long updated and all the issues got fixed to ensure full functionality.

Battery Life

The Series 1 only lasted for a day, but the Series 2 can now last for two days. The 38mm model exhibits this but the 42mm variant has a bigger battery and thus can last for another day or two. But even with this, a lot of people still feel like it’s lacking.

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This smartwatch isn’t perfect, but it’s a more desirable choice compared to its predecessor. While its GPS and waterproofing capabilities are great additions, its main draw is that the Series 1’s core features became more refined in the Apple Watch Series 2. Its design is small, light, and it’s more comfortable than most smartwatches.

The only gripe most users have is its battery life. Other than that, it’s a solid choice for an active lifestyle.

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