Smartwatch vs Fitness Tracker

Smartwatch vs Fitness Tracker
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Technological gadgets are always changing and adapting to whatever people are in need of. Lately, the fitness boom has brought different devices that can help users keep track of how well they are doing on their training routines, exercising, yoga classes, and such.

In addition to that, wearable items are gaining popularity, making manufacturers and companies create high-tech gadgets that you can carry around with you, each time smaller and lighter. From this came the origin of both the smartwatch and the fitness tracker.

However, there are many people that are still not sure what are the differences or what are they even meant to do in the first place which is why we will be detailing in what they differ from each other and when is the best time to wear one or the other, according to your lifestyle, needs, and likes.

Read on to have a better idea of which could suit you best, the smartwatch vs fitness tracker.

Fitness Tracker: Smartwatch vs Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers are wearable wristbands that are created with the main purpose of helping those who take fitness very seriously to achieve a certain understanding of what their routines are offering them.

This type of gadget is meant to follow, measure, record, and display data about your daily health activities and even normal activities like sleeping. All this data is then offered to you through a small watch screen that displays on your wrists how many steps you took while running, how many meters you ran, and how many calories you burned altogether.

Depending on the brand and model that you buy, many fitness trackers also come with heart rate monitors and sleep monitors that work throughout the night, as well. These have health purposes and add up to the overall fitness lifestyle that you either have or are trying to achieve.

In fact, several fitness trackers even have sedentary alarms that let you know when you’ve been inactive for too long, and they can also remind you when it’s training time. These devices usually have alarms, display date, time and some can even be paired with your mobile in order to receive notifications of incoming calls, texts or SNS.

Finally, depending on what your budget it, you could get the smartest fitness trackers which sometimes even help you to eat better and maintain your diet by letting you know how many calories a certain food has.


On the other hand, we have smartwatches which are also a fairly new creating of wearable devices that help you access many smartphone features through your bracelet directly on your wrist.

This type of device is more tech-savvy and not so much for those who want to be fit. They are normally an extension of your phone and brands sell a certain model for each of their phone lines. For example, a smartwatch specifically made for an iPhone won’t work with a Samsung smartphone and vice versa.

When you pair your smartwatch to your phone, you can access many functions like calling or hanging up calls, receiving and reading text messages, see Facebook and Twitter notifications and so on. Depending on the model, they sometimes work as a remote control for your phone’s camera and music player, letting you change songs and albums from the touch screen on your wrist.

Many smartwatches also bring fitness tracking features like calories and step counters which means that these are somehow more complete than the ones that are not meant to be a phone extension.

In fact, smartwatches have grown so much in popularity that they are slowly becoming more independent each time, some of them even bringing Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity, leaving Bluetooth behind. However, because of this, smartwatches are normally much more expensive than simpler fitness trackers.

Which One is for me?

A couple of facts will let you know which of the two gadgets will work better for you. Firstly, if your budget is under $150, you won’t be able to get a good smartwatch as they tend to range a lot higher than that.

Secondly, if you are a tech lover but not a very fit person, the fitness tracker won’t offer really useful functions for you as you will want it to be better at pairing up with your phone than at counting steps.

Once you figure out what you are trying to get from buying your new device, you will easily know whether the smartwatch or the fitness tracker will suit you best.

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