MoreFit Slim 2 Touch Screen Activity Health Tracker Review

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Fitness trackers are an awesome way to live your healthiest life.

Trackers have come a long way since those bulky pedometers that clipped to your waistband and malfunctioned a lot.

Today’s fitness trackers are wearable pieces of kit that can improve your overall health through keeping tabs on your activity, calories, and even sleep. They’re practical, and stylish to boot.

But all these benefits often come with a hefty price tag. Are you looking for a sleep and fitness tracker but need to stay on budget?

Check out our review of the MoreFit Slim 2 Touch to find out more.

The MoreFit Slim 2 Touch

The Slim 2 Touch is an activity tracker with on-screen display. Remember the early days of fitness trackers, where a sliver of screen lit up with some dots to show your progress?

The Slim 2 Touch gives you on-screen information to show how you’re doing through the day.

Plus, it has a built-in clock, so you don’t have to wear a separate watch or keep taking your phone out when you want to know the time.

MoreFit has taken a lot of time over the design of this device so that it’s user-friendly and convenient. Keep reading to find out how.


The tracker is on the budget end of the wearable activity monitor spectrum, at under $30. At such a low price, what features does it have, and is it worth the money?

Let’s take a look.

Fitness Functions

The MoreFit Slim 2 Touch monitors the following data:

  • Calories burned
  • Distance walked
  • Steps taken
  • Active minutes
  • Sleep quality

The on-screen display shows your real-time calories, distance, steps and active minutes. You can view your sleep analysis on your smartphone.

Active Mode

Your tracker will monitor all your activity throughout the day, but you might want some more detailed info when you’re in beast mode.

The Slim 2 Touch can track official workouts when you enable the active mode feature. Switch it on before your workout, and hit the off button once you’re done.

Your workout will now be logged in the app, and you’ll be able to figure out how you did, compared to last time.

Sedentary Alert

Unfortunately being sedentary is, quite literally, a killer. Happily, this tracker can help you out by helping you get active every hour.

Experts recommend we stand up at least once every hour. Your MoreFit Slim 2 Touch will alert you before the hour’s up, so you can get up and moving, to stay in your best shape.

Sleep Function

Link your phone to the tracker through the VeryFitPro app, and you’ll get access to your sleep data. You’ll be able to find out things like how long you slept, and the amount of uninterrupted sleep you got through the night.

You can also set a silent alarm. Your MoreFit Slim 2 Touch will wake you up by vibrating on your wrist, all without making a sound.

VeryFitPro App

The VeryFitPro app is available for both iOS and Android phones, so no worries about compatibility there.

You’ll want to get quick access to your progress on your wrist through your busy day. When you get a chance to take a break for a few minutes though, the VeryFitPro app will come in super handy.

From inside the app, you’ll get detailed information on your energy output, distance, and steps. The active minutes feature shows how much continuous activity you did, which all counts towards your exercise for the day.

You’ll also be able to view workout activity, and how much of the day you spent being sedentary. This’ll highlight areas you’re acing and things you could do better.


If you’re ever worried about missing a call, text or social networking message, then this device has got you covered.

As long as there’s a Bluetooth connection to your phone, you won’t miss a single alert. A vibration and alert will come straight to your wrist for easy reading.

The tracker also has a feature that’ll alert you if you’re over 5 meters away from your phone. That’s pretty nifty if you have a habit of losing things!

Battery Life and Charging

The tracker has a great battery life of 5-7 days.

The people at MoreFit have also done something really clever. Do you hate having to keep count of all your device chargers? Well, you can breath easy with the Slim 2 Touch.

There’s a charger built into this tracker, folks. When you need to give it some juice, expose the charger and plug it into any USB socket for easy and stress-free charging.

It’s recommended you charge the tracker for 1-2 hours each time. A handy battery icon pops up on-screen to let you check the progress while you wait.

Changeable Straps

If you want to change things up a bit or have your tracker match your outfit, then no problems here – the Slim 2 Touch has a range of different colors to choose from.


The biggest pro about this tracker is its amazing price, but that’s certainly not all it offers.

Although the Slim 2 Touch is under $30, it’s packed with many of the awesome features you’ll find on more expensive fitness trackers. Things like sleep monitoring, Active Mode and knowing your active minutes are all there to help you out.

Keep an eye on your daily activity based on these features, and you’ll know how to change it up and get healthier every single day.

We particularly love the inbuilt charger and anti-lose feature, which makes life easier and safer, too.


With so much going for it, we were hard-pressed to find many cons for this device, considering its retail price.

Still, there could be a couple of improvements. The instruction manual is pretty basic, with many users finding it difficult to read and understand easily.

We also noticed that the device isn’t waterproof. It isn’t marketed as being splashproof either, though that one might be a question for the manufacturer.

The Takeaway

Despite its awesome budget price, the MoreFit Slim 2 Touch is packed with enough features to rival the big brands, and then some.

If you’re looking for a fitness tracker that covers all the basics, and won’t break the bank, then we say look no further. The Slim 2 Touch is a great device, and totally worth more than its modest price tag.

In the market for an activity tracker with more features like heart-rate monitoring, or something water-resistant, instead?

Check out our reviews to find the perfect tracker for you.

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