moreFit Waterproof Activity Tracker Watch Review

moreFit Fitness Tracker, Slim Wearable Waterproof Activity Tracker Watch Review
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Being fit has become a must for many people in the past couple of years. More than a health state, it turned into a lifestyle that has drawn technology’s attention enough to begin creating and selling fitness devices that thousands of people are purchasing.

Among these gadgets, one can find smart bracelets which range from mobile companions to activity trackers that are perfect for those who like to have detailed reports about how many calories they burned or what their heart rate is while running.

There are numerous brands that sell these fitness trackers, both expensive and affordable, and they all come with diverse possibilities that will allow you to choose according to your lifestyle and purpose for the bracelet.

One of these models is the moreFit waterproof activity tracker watch, which can be paired to your mobile phone for a complete experience. Because it is both economic and technological, we will review it in depth to see what the product offers.

moreFit Waterproof Activity Tracker Watch Features

The moreFit fitness tracker is a smart wearable bracelet that you can find for purchase on Amazon, and it has several characteristics that make it an interesting product. You can buy it in black, blue, green, red, purple and a slim version that is also all black and costs a couple dollars less but has almost the same features.

This is a waterproof activity watch that offers all-day heart rate monitoring, sports tracking and auto sleep tracking, all accurate and providing data you can find on your wrist. This information can be seen on the screen of the watch by gently tapping it.

It brings 14 multiple sports mode which are: football, tennis, running, hiking, badminton, fitness, treadmill, yoga, walking, bike hiking, basketball, climbing, dancing and spinning. These are all available in order to understand what type of activity you are doing and give more accurate results on tracking reports. This diminishes the incorrect data by knowing which level of fitness you are working on.

The bracelet charges in less than two hours and the battery can last anywhere from 7 to 10 days depending on your lifestyle and how much you use it. The long charging intervals allow you to wear it for days without having to worry recharging the battery.

Speaking of charging, it has a great no-cable system that offers the possibility of removing the side straps, which reveals a USB port that can be put on any device to be fully charged. This makes it the perfect travel companion.

The high-sensitivity of the screen makes it turn on by just flipping your wrist; it knows that you are looking at it and will show you the time and steps that you’ve taken with just a quick glance, after being paired with your phone.

Once you connect it to your mobile, you can install the fitness tracker app and access a more detailed report of your activities on your phone. It also works as a remote control your mobile’s camera.

The moreFit fitness tracker is waterproof and compatible with any Android 4.4 or higher, or iOS 7.1 or higher. The app can be downloaded from any app store and by installing it on your phone, you can also get notifications on the watch for incoming SMS, or any social media incoming messages.

What’s best is that the band of the fitness tracker can be changed to another color, and the brand sells them separately so you can choose. This, along with the 4 customizable clock faces, gives you a better chance to make it fit your lifestyle and likes.

Lastly, it can count steps, calories, distances, monitor sleep, and set up alarms.


  • You can set up to 10 different alarms, including the waking silent alarm which vibrates only
  • It is waterproof enough to be worn while washing your hands or activities that require submerging it underwater
  • It supports GPS and lets you see the routes you take while running or walking and the steps you took on a given workout
  • It super light and thin. However, if you want an even slimmer version, you can also get it at a slightly lower price
  • If you don’t have a phone, you can still see daily steps, your heart rate and calories burned
  • It doesn’t need any charger or cables as there is a USB port hidden in the side strap
  • Interchangeable colors mean that you can customize it according to your wardrobe or mood
  • It pairs up well with iPads and tablets


  • Although it has a waterproof index of IP 67, it cannot be worn for swimming deeper than 1 meter or for longer than half an hour
  • The phone functions and music control can fail on some phones
  • The customer support is responsive but communication fails greatly as it is manufactured outside of the United States and employees don’t speak or write English very well
  • You can’t see sleep information without a phone
  • It can begin to vibrate nonstop making it useless
  • It can show inaccurate activity reports
  • In order for it to start counting steps, you need to walk 30 continuous steps first


It might seem like the moreFit Waterproof Activity Tracker Watch is among the best on the market but it is actually quite a tricky product. To begin with, it has many bad reviews explaining how it broke down after a few weeks.

It certainly comes with great possibilities as changing the color bands, and having GPs connectivity that allows you to track your routes. However, it appears to have more issues than advantages; for example, several phone models can’t pair at all with the bracelet.

Also, it boasts about many features that don’t seem to work properly, such as incoming messages and calls, or counting steps, which it does inaccurately. In summary, there are several other similar smart bracelets that perform much better than the moreFit model.

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