Letufit Plus Activity Tracker Review

Letufit Plus Activity Tracker Review
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Getting fit is easy if you have the time and money. But what if you always have a hectic schedule? What if you don’t have money to sign up for workout classes or for a gym membership? What if there’s no gym convenient to where you live?

You can get fit even in the comfort of your home and on your own time! This article discusses easy ways to be more physically fit, and features an excellent fitness tracker to monitor your progress and motivate you to stick to your fitness goals.

Working out at home is very convenient, but needs a lot of motivation and discipline. Some people find themselves lying on the couch or eating a lot instead of lifting those weights or working out.

Physiologists advise working out at home as much as in the gym. In this way, people will be more apt to embrace a more active lifestyle. There are generally five elements of working out at home:

  • Warm up exercise such as walking or slow pace treadmill
  • Aerobic, or cardiovascular, workout such as jumping rope or fast-paced treadmill
  • Strength building, or resistance workout can be lifting weights, pushups, crunches, or squats
  • Flexibility exercises such as yoga poses or stretches
  • Cool-down routine such as walking

Make sure that you begin your routine with a warm up and end it with a cool down. For beginners, do a 30 minute aerobic exercise and 20-30 minute resistance exercise at least 3x per week.

The resistance workout should involve all major muscles such as lower body, upper body, back, and abdominal muscles.

Aside from treadmills and other gym equipment, there’s one device that’s very useful to your fitness goals: a fitness tracker. It usually comes as a smartwatch that can be synced with iOS or Android phones to monitor fitness-related metrics and display phone notifications. On some models, trackers can monitor heart rate, sleep quality, and have more features.

There are hundreds of fitness trackers today, and identifying a good brand is a challenge, so here’s an example of a good one: the Letufit Plus Activity Tracker.

Letufit Plus Activity Tracker Features

The Letufit Activity Tracker is a premium fitness tracker that monitors different activities such as treadmill, running, hiking, dancing, climbing, badminton, tennis, basketball, among others. It has 8 default training modes with 6 more additional modes that you can set on the app.

Aside from the basic fitness tracker functions, it has a built-in automatic heart rate tracker. It doesn’t fail to track your heart rate and generates a complete report.

The Letufit Activity Tracker’s sleep monitor function automatically tracks the quality of sleep including light and deep sleep hours. It also comes with an alarm that vibrates to wake you up.

This tracker has a 0.96 inch touchscreen OLED display that shows notifications from the paired smartphone. It is compatible with Android 4.4 or above, iOS 7.1 or above, and Bluetooth 4.0. It only supports cellphone, but not tablets and computers.

The Letufit Activity Tracker is durable and comfortable with its strap made of TPE high grade material.

The battery is 65mAH polymer lithium battery that can last up to 5 days with auto HR monitoring on and up to 8 days with auto HR monitoring off. It can be charged using an integrated USB plug, no need for additional charging cables.

Other features of the Letufit Activity Tracker are a sedentary reminder, GPS tracking, message/SNS/call notifications, remote camera control, find phone function, remote music control, and more.

This Letufit tracker doesn’t limit your moves. In fact, it is IP67 waterproof so it’s safe when it accidentally comes in contact with water or heavy sweat. It is recommended, however, to take the tracker off when diving or swimming.

The Letufit Activity Tracker comes with a 30-day refund and 1-year warranty on parts.

It has a slim design and comes in five colors: blue, black, green, red, and purple. It is stylish and can reflect your personality and fashion sense.

The Letufit Activity Tracker has a lot of features. But is it a flawless device? Learn more about its advantages and disadvantages, if any. Below are the list of pros and cons of Letufit Activity Tracker.


  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Average battery life
  • IP67 waterproof
  • Supports latest smartphones
  • OLED display
  • Sleep monitor
  • Alarm clock
  • Automatic heart rate tracker
  • 14 training modes
  • Tracks all day activities
  • Stylish
  • Comes with warranty
  • Lightweight and slim
  • Built-in USB plug in
  • Convenient, easy to use


  • Not for swimming


You can get fit without going to the gym or working out with a personal trainer. With motivation and proper workout, you can actually get fit in your home.

Do it with the five major elements of workout: warm up, aerobic exercise, resistance exercise, flexibility moves, and cool down. Do it for about 3x a week and you’ll eventually achieve your fitness goals.

Physiologists recommend working out at home because people can easily adopt exercises into their daily lifestyle. Aside from gym equipment such as treadmills and weights, one useful device is the fitness tracker.

It’s a device that tracks physical activity progress, and in some more expensive brands, track heart rate, sleep quality, location, and more.

The Letufit Activity Tracker is a good fitness tracker with a lot of features, but it is less expensive compared to other high-end trackers. Aside from the basic fitness tracker functions, it also comes with automatic heart rate function, sleep tracker, GPS, OLED touchscreen, sedentary reminder, and more.

Its 65mAH battery is long lasting; it lasts for around 5-8 hours of non-stop monitoring and can be charged with its built in USB plug in.

Compared to other high-end trackers, Letufit Activity Tracker is affordable. It has a comfortable and durable TPE strap and comes in a stylish design. It is IP67 waterproof but it’s not safe for diving and swimming activities.

If you’re not satisfied with it, you can get a full refund within 30 days and has a 1-year warranty. It is lightweight and feels that its barely there. It is easy to operate and doesn’t feel irritating.

You can easily monitor your workout progress and achieve your fitness goals with the Letufit Plus Activity Tracker!

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