Is There a Waterproof Fitness Tracker?

Is There a Waterproof Fitness Tracker?
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Owning a fitness tracker is a smart thing to do if you are a person who enjoys exercising and has a workout routine that you follow every day. These high-tech gadgets were created specifically for people like you.

Fitness trackers come in many colors, prices and are sold by different brands. They also have diverse features that range from counting steps to displaying the number of calories that you burned while running or dancing.

They can also have alarms, heart rate monitor, GPS connectivity and even display smartphone notifications. However, this would all be worthless if it were to be ruined with your sweat, or if you’d have to take it off every time you get caught in the rain, or are taking a shower.

Which is why the main question of this article is: “Are there waterproof fitness trackers?” And if so, how waterproof are they?

Waterproof levels

The short answer is yes, you can find several waterproof fitness tracker models on the market. Long answer, how much water or moisture they can stand will depend on the construction, which you will have to pay close attention to.

Waterproofing has standards and they vary according to its resistance. This feature is measured through a scale called an IP code, in this case, specifically directed towards how protected can an object be from liquid penetration.

  • If the fitness tracker has an IP61 level, it can only stand vertically dripping water like a light rain as long as it’s not over 10 minutes
  • If it has an IP62 level, it can also stand dripping water when tilted
  • An IP63 level can live through spraying water
  • An IP64 level can be used when washing your hands as it is meant to overcome splashes of water but nothing more
  • An IP65 level can be used when taking a shower. This waterproofness will survive incoming water from every direction
  • An IP66 level is almost the same as the above mentioned, but the pressure of the water can be much higher and it will still work just fine
  • An IP67 level can be totally submerged in water for a total of 30 minutes and only as deep as 1 meter. Deeper than that could cause too much pressure on the gadget and might damage the waterproof system
  • An IP68 level can be submerged 1 meter or deeper underwater and the device will still work perfectly fine

Waterproof fitness trackers

When you search for waterproof smart activity trackers, you will soon find out that most models carry an IP67 level, meaning that they can not only stand sweat and showers but you can also wear them while swimming.

In fact, some models even have swimming modes that will count your calories while you swim. However, keep in mind that if they are not IP68, you can only use them underwater for less than half an hour and never deeper than 1 meter.

Keep in mind that some fitness tracker models come with a waterproof IP level as low as 64, which means that they will only stand a few splashes of water and nothing more. If you decide to buy one of this, you will have to take it off for showering and swimming as they could easily stop working if you don’t.

The price will rise with the waterproofness, meaning that the more that you pay, the more water it will stand. As a matter of a fact, several quite expensive fitness trackers and even some smartwatches can be submerged as deep as 50 meters underwater, reaching over the IP68 level of waterproofness.

Where can I get a waterproof fitness tracker?

The truth is that the waterproof feature is quite common among fitness trackers. What varies is how much water and sweat they can take.

If you are looking for one that can go into the pool with you, just read the characteristics of the model that interests you and make sure that its IP level is 67 or higher.

Nevertheless, if you only want it for showering because you don’t swim, an IP66 or 65 should be enough. If you still have doubts, you can always contact customer support of your preferred brand and learn exactly how waterproof their fitness tracker is.

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