HOMOGO Fitness Tracker Smart Band Review

homogo fitness tracker
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Fitness trackers are popping up everywhere. It’s becoming difficult for consumers to sort through them all to find a high-quality device that fits their lifestyle.

The overall purpose of a fitness tracker is to help users create a better quality of life that starts with their health. But what does that all mean?

A good fitness tracker will:

  • Provide health insight that leads to making better decisions
  • Have a user-friendly, uncomplicated interface
  • Help keep you motivated with records of progress
  • Monitor diet, calories, and fat

The HOMOGO Fitness Tracker has all those abilities and more. Continue reading our full review. To see why it wins against its competition by a landslide.

HOMOGO Fitness Tracker: Features and Benefits

The smart technology of the HOMOGO fitness tracker is a must have for people who currently live active lifestyles and those who are just beginning their fitness journeys. The tracker does much more than record physical activity and calories burned.

It’s multifunctionality as an alarm clock, caller id, and much more makes it a sleek and stylish personal assistant that can adjust to most wrist sizes.

After reading the full list of HOMOGO’s features, you’ll wonder how you were able to live without one.

Automatic Recording

HOMOGO automatically adjusts to it wearer’s activity levels. This feature is one that many other trackers on the market have failed to include.

With others, you’ll have to manually switch between different modes before the tracker will know what to track. HOMOGO’s smart technology will automatically record the:

  • Amount of time spent exercising
  • Total calories burned
  • Amount of steps taken in a day
  • The distance that was traveled

Additionally, it will monitor sleep quality throughout the night. Knowing insights about your quality of sleep can give you information about potential health risks and conditions you didn’t know you had.

The patterns during rest and activity are recorded and saved daily. This makes understanding one’s fitness levels an effortless task. Just look at the reports for the specified amount of time you’d like to review.

Data is stored on the tracker for 7 days at a time. However, syncing it to another device allows for storing additional days.

Food Tracking

Getting an adequate amount of exercise is important to your overall health, but what’s more important to your body than exercise is the food that’s going into it. The reason is food can easily cancel out the exercises you do.

For instance, simply eating a baked potato and small chili from Wendy’s can take two whole hours of weightlifting to burn off. While a McDonald’s kid’s meal can take 4 hours of playing frisbee to burn.

Not many people have time for that much exercise. Tracking your food intake with HOMOGO makes it much simpler for you to make better food decisions. That will lead to burning off more calories than what’s being consumed.


The HOMOGO is extremely lightweight. Users have reported forgetting it was on their wrists, especially while sleeping.

But don’t mistake this for a flimsy or poorly made watch. It has an IP67 waterproof level. There won’t be any sweat damage with this watch and it can be worn while swimming and in rainstorms without problems.

The manufacturer also sends replacement bands in different colors that can be swiped out easily. And the warranty on this product lasts a full two years.

Long-Lasting Battery

Users won’t have to stumble with changing this battery or take it to specialty shops like traditional watches. The HOMOGO comes with a USB slot built right into it.

This allows for charging on a PC or power bank. More so, the battery doesn’t have to be charged often. A full charge lasts 7 days and only takes an hour.

Smart Notifications

The screen on the HOMOGO is bright and easy to read. The size of the display is .86 inches and it utilizes OLED HD technology.

This makes it easy to read all of the notifications this device sends. The notifications include:

  • Alarm clocks
  • Call and text alerts with caller ID
  • Social media reminders, including Facebook and Twitter
  • Sedentary alerts
  • An alert when the cell phone it’s linked to is left behind
  • A sports target reminder

HOMOGO syncs with your cell phone via Bluetooth to track all of these notifications. It’s compatible with iOS systems that are 9 or above. And Androids that are 4.4 or above.


The best part about this fitness tracker is its low price. The device looks and acts much more expensive than it really is. The HOMOGO retails for $16.

The only problem you’ll have is finding a place where they are constantly in stock. They sell out often for all the reasons listed above.

What Are the Cons?

With so many great functions, you have to wonder what the cons of owning this watch are. Luckily there aren’t many.

HOMOGO doesn’t utilize a heart rate monitor. This is a downfall for users who’d like to track their heart rates during exercise. Especially if they’re trying to learn what their target heart rate is.

Also, the brightness of the screen can make the watch difficult to read if you have eye sensitivities. This might even cause a problem on extremely sunny days.

Overall, this fitness tracker beats out its competition. It has extra features that others don’t have.

But this added technology doesn’t make the watch difficult to use. It’s still very easy to work with, even for folks who aren’t super tech savvy.

Start Living Healthier Today

Taking control of your health significantly cuts your risks of illnesses like hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers. While embarking on a healthy life journey is easy for some people, others need a little assistance.

This is where the HOMOGO fitness tracker comes in. Use it to enhance your quality of life and also add years to it. And don’t forget to follow our blog for more reviews and advice about trackers.

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