Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker, Silver/Black, Small (US Version)

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When we talk of fitness trackers, Fitbit is one of the best players in the wearable tech industry. The company has an impressive array of fitness tracking products that will satisfy every one of your needs. One of the latest releases of Fitbit is theFitbit Alta Fitness Tracker. The Fitbit Alta is not ideal if you want a bulky fitness tracker. It comes in a slim and elegant design that makes it more of jewelry and less of an activity tracker.


Just like everything from Fitbit, the Alta has an impressive array of sensors and features but misses out on some important things.

The Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker, Silver/Black, Small (US Version) is like your regular fitness tracker, but with a trendy and fashionable design you are going to love. The Fitbit Alta comes with sensors to track your activity levels and sleep patterns. It comes standard with a clock which is available in 5 faces, sensors to track your steps, distance travelled, and calorie expenditure during workouts and physical activities. It can also monitor your sleep regarding restlessness and restfulness and length of sleep. You also get regular notifications from your mobile device and calendar events when synched with Bluetooth.

With Fitbit Alta, you enjoy the best of both worlds. The bracelet offers so much more when synched with an Android or iOS device using the inbuilt Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology. When connected to your mobile device, your can receive notifications of text, calls, calendar events as well as reminders to move.


The Fitbit Alta comes with a large 1.4 inches OLED screen that displays a clock, fitness statistics, sleep patterns, and notifications from your smartphone. The Alta comes with a quick release rubber band that can be interchanged with more fashionable stainless steel or leather straps. You can check the time by turning your wrist which makes the screen light up or giving the screen a gentle tap to check how you are doing on your fitness goals.


The Fitbit Alta is super-comfy on the wrist. Its slim and trendy design makes it inconspicuous on your wrist, and it doesn’t scratch, itch or produce rashes on the skin. It is gently tucked away under the clothing if you are wearing a long-sleeved shirt. And if you are on the run, it fits snugly on your wrist.

One of the best things about Fitbit and its wearable tech is the Fitbit App. Nothing beats the vibrant social media-like community on the Fitbit app. The App gives you a detailed analysis of your workouts and sleep pattern and shows you the number of calories you have burned. The Fitbit App can be used to set fitness milestones, share your progress with other people in the community and encourage yourself to achieve higher fitness levels.

The battery of the Alta can deliver five days of service on a single charge. The bracelet comes with a custom magnetic charger that connects to the underside of the fitness tracker.


Despite its sleek design and big OLED screen, the Fitbit Alta is not without shortcomings. One of the drawbacks of the bracelet is that it is not water-resistant. The Alta is resistant to rainwater, sweat, and the occasional splash of water, but that is all. Don’t attempt taking it into the shower or the swimming pool as its components are not designed to withstand such level of moisture. Additionally, the bracelet lacks a heart rate monitor and blood pressure monitor. Plus, its price is a little above the average in its class. Nevertheless, the Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker, Silver/Black, Small (US Version) provides a ton of benefits that greatly justify the extra dollar you are coughing out to buy it. With a slim and beautiful design that goes for work and play and an hourly workout reminder and vibration alarm, the Fitbit Alta is worth every penny of your investment. The Fitbit App puts the icing on the cake of this beautiful bracelet. Whether in the office, gym, or partying with friends, the Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker, Silver/Black, Small (US Version) promises to be a worthy fitness companion when you are at home or abroad.



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