Choosing a Fitness Tracker

Choosing a Fitness Tracker
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Everyone is interest in being fit nowadays, as it somehow became a popular lifestyle a few years ago and, luckily, it’s bringing people closer to a healthier life. Nevertheless, staying fit with a busy working schedule can sometimes be a difficult task.

From forgetting when to exercise to having no idea how much you are actually working out, not having a trainer can make your training routine an unsuccessful one. But because users have properly voiced their needs, tech manufacturers have answered with appropriate devices.

Among these are the fitness trackers which have been getting more famous as time passes by. Fitness trackers not only help you in keeping your workouts organized but also offer a better understanding of what you are doing when you train.

However, because the market is all about competition, if you do a quick search online for fitness trackers, you will soon find out that there are infinite brands and models to choose from. Panic. Which one is best and how do you even begin to know what each of them does?

To give you a hand, we will offer a few tips on what to look for when you are choosing a fitness tracker so you can cover your needs and lifestyles, all in one smart wrist band.

Choosing a Fitness Tracker: Multi-functionality

Firstly, you have to be clear about what you want your fitness tracker to do; do you want it to count the steps you take when you run? Do you want to know the distance on your running route? How about how many calories you burn during training?

These are the three basic functions you can find on most fitness trackers. However, they can get deeper and more complete as you raise your budget. Sleep monitor, heart rate monitor, GPS pairing system, and so on.

Not all models can do everything so take a look at what your needs are and search for a tracker that can offer you an answer for what you need. Among the many things it can do are:

  • Counting steps while walking or running
  • Counting the calories burned while exercising
  • Monitor your heart rate while resting or training
  • Monitor your sleeping quality
  • Offer different sport modes such as climbing, dancing, yoga, tennis. This will help you have more accurate results according to which activity you are doing.

Mobile Compatibility

Because fitness trackers are usually budget friendly, they display screens are not high-tech and can only show you a small amount of information. For this reason, manufacturers sell models that are compatible to your smartphone in order to see a more detailed report of the data it processes.

Most fitness trackers are compatible with Android 4.4 or above, and iOS 7.1 or above. You will also need Bluetooth 4.0 or higher so make sure that your phone meets the requirements of the bracelet you like so you will be able to access the app.


The above-mentioned feature will also let you receive notifications of incoming calls, texts and SNS so if you are looking for a hybrid between a fitness tracker and a smartwatch, you should keep an eye on a smart band that will let you do all these thing on their touch screen.

Some won’t work with tablets, so read the features carefully. Likewise, a few can even display complete messages on the screen so if that’s what you want, choose a model that can do that considering that most don’t have this feature.


Finally, we have the waterproof characteristic which will allow you to wear your fitness tracker and sweat with it without worrying. Depending on the IP level, which can go up to 67 on the most waterproof ones, you can also wash your hands, take a shower, or even dive into a swimming pool with them.

If you are a swimmer, pay close attention to the waterproof level of the fitness tracker that you plan to buy because some cannot be submerged into water and if it stops working, you won’t get a refund for it.

Moreover, keep in mind that the waterproof abilities last as long as 30 minutes underwater most of the time, and only in cold temperatures, so don’t wear it in the Jacuzzi or swim for over half an hour with it on your wrist.

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