Best Waterproof Fitness Tracker

Best Waterproof Fitness Tracker
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Fitness trackers are among the most popular gadgets these days. In fact, even those who don’t lead a fit lifestyle still want one, in hopes that it will help them find a bit more discipline, which it could actually do!

As long as you get a model that has sedentary alarms and shows you great data about how well you are doing when you exercise. However, among the most important features is how resistant to water the bracelet can be.

Because the options are many, we narrowed it down to the 5 best waterproof fitness trackers on Amazon and made a long review of the features, pros, and cons of each. The purpose is to help you choose a great model, given the chance that you can’t wait to get your hands on one.





  moreFit Fitness Tracker, Slim Wearable Waterproof Activity Tracker Watch  $$  4.1/5
  AmaBull Fitness Tracker Fitness Watch Smart Bracelet  $$$  4.3/5
  Coffea C2 Fitness Tracker, Activity Wristband: Waterproof Pedometer  $$  4.1/5
  Image Waterproof Bluetooth Fitness Tracker Bracelet Smart Wrist Watch Band  $  4.5/5
  TwobeFit Fitness Tracker, Waterproof Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor  $$$  4.4/5
   DBPOWER Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor  $$$  4.3/5
   Letscom Activity Tracker, IP67 Water Resistant Smart Bracelet as Step Counter  $  4.5/5
   Fitness Tracker Smartband, Eschone Slim Touch HR Heart Rate Waterproof Activity Tracker  $  5/5
   Cafar Fitness Watch, Waterproof Activity Tracker With Heart Rate Monitor  $$$  4.4/5
   WearPai Smart Band Smart Bracelet Bluetooth 4.0 Fitness Tracker  $$  4.5/5
   Garmin vívofit 2 Activity Tracker, Black  $$  4/5
   Garmin vívosmart HR Activity Tracker Regular Fit – Black  $$  4/5
   Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband, Black, Large (US Version)  $$$  4/5
   Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker, Silver/Black, Small (US Version)  $$$  4/5
   Fitness Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Blood Pressure Monitor Smart Bracelet,Water Resistant  $$  4.5/5

Here are the top five waterproof smart bracelets.

moreFit Fitness Tracker, Slim Wearable Waterproof Activity Tracker Watch

The moreFit fitness tracker can be bought on Amazon for around $29 and comes in different colors. It is waterproof and comes in diverse colors.


The moreFit fitness tracker is a chic bracelet that will give you a better understanding of how you are doing while you exercise, how many steps you take, and how many calories you burn.

It brings 14 different sports modes which include football, tennis, running, hiking, yoga, walking, and basketball. This will give the tracker a more specific idea of what type of activity you are doing and process it more accurately.

It also has an all-day heart rate monitor and auto sleep tracking. You can see all this info in the OLED touch screen that’s on the bracelet or through your mobile phone’s app. The latter offers a more detailed report of all the data.

The battery takes around 2 hours to charge and lasts for up to 10 days without needing recharge. The system is a hidden USB port that requires no cables or big chargers. Lastly, it has 4 customizable faces for the screen that you can choose according to your style


  • It pairs up with iPads and tablets perfectly
  • It has interchangeable side traps that allow you to change colors according to your mood or occasion. You can get different colors separately
  • USB hidden port for charging, zero cables
  • Super light and thin and even has a slimmer version for sale, in case you are a minimalist. The best part? The thinner, the cheaper
  • Supports GPS and offers a view of the routes and tracks that you ran
  • Waterproof level IP67, can be submerged underwater for less than 30 minutes
  • Allows 10 different alarms to be set up; all the alarms can vibrate silently


  • Phone functions and music control don’t work on every smartphone model. Many customers complain that they don’t receive any notifications
  • It can be inaccurate when counting steps or burned calories making it unreliable
  • For it to start counting steps, you need to walk 30 continuous steps first. This means that you have to mentally add 30 steps to every final count when you are done training
  • It can start vibrating nonstop for no reason
  • Customer support does not speak or write English very well making it quite difficult to communicate and receive useful information from them

AmaBull Fitness Tracker Fitness Watch Smart Bracelet Review

This AmaBull smart wristband can be purchased on Amazon and has many different features that will be explained below.


To begin with, the AmaBull fitness tracker brings 8 default activity styles that you can choose from, and by connecting it to your phone, you can access 6 extra ones, offering a total of 14 sports modes to track your workout routine.

Overall, it can count your steps, track your sleep, keep a record of your burned calories, and monitor your heart rate. In addition to that, if you pair it with any compatible smartphone such as an Android 4.4 or iOS 7.1, it will also let you receive notifications of incoming calls, SMS, and SNS.

Likewise, it can connect to the phone’s GPS and offer a view of the route you took while running or walking, your average speed, and the distance you traveled. The AmaBull is waterproof IP67 and has a built-in charging system that can be connected to any USB port.

Lastly, it can let you set up alarms, displays time and date and a summary of your daily activities record. The package comes with the wristband and the user manual.


  • The bracelet is compatible with Android and iOS and it allows you to access a bunch of great features by pairing them up such as incoming calls and texts notifications
  • You don’t need a charger for this one as it has a hidden USB port that is concealed by the side straps. Travel light with it!
  • It takes around 2 hours to fully charge but it lasts up to 8 days functioning perfectly
  • It allows you to control the camera and music on your mobile when paired up
  • You can have GPS information on your phone of the places you’ve been to and the distances you covered
  • It counts steps, calories and energy consumption
  • Waterproof IP67
  • It has a heart rate monitor as well
  • 14 different sport and activities modes for a more accurate report


  • The tracking system is not the most accurate one. It can miscount steps according to many customers that bought it
  • The battery seems to have a problem for some. It looks like you can either be lucky or unlucky. If you are the latter, the battery won’t last more than a couple of weeks. The box comes with a battery replacement
  • Push texts and mobile notifications don’t always come in and some models are not compatible at all with the fitness tracker, even if they meet the requirements

Coffea C2 Fitness Tracker, Activity Wristband: Waterproof Pedometer

This Coffea C2 Fitness Tracker is available on Amazon and comes with colorful straps that you can choose from according to your style or mood.


The smart bracelet by Coffea has numerous functions that don’t differ much from similar products: it can count steps and give you a report of the number of burned calories during a workout routine.

It works as a health assistant and offers detailed information so you can have a better grasp of the activities you are carrying on with, and how they are contributing to your fitness. The bracelet also has a sedentary alarm that lets you know when you’ve been inactive for too long and should get some movement.

Likewise, it monitors your effective sleeping time and gives a great report on this that can be accessed through your smartphone once you install the app and pair both devices. As soon as they’re paired, you can get notifications from incoming calls, SNS and SMS, hang up calls and take pictures with a tap with your mobile’s camera.

The waterproof level is IP67 and is compatible with both Android and iOS. It takes about 45 minutes to fully charge and it will last 7 days with a full battery. The charging system is the same: a built-in USB port.

Lastly, it has an anti-lost system with your phone that will make the fitness tracker vibrate once the mobile is 5 meters away from it. This prevents the phone from getting lost.


  • The anti-lost system is excellent and can be quite useful for those forgetful people who keep leaving their mobiles behind
  • The total charging time is much less than similar products. While most take almost 2 hours, the Coffea fitness tracker takes only 45 minutes
  • Waking up alarm that silently vibrates
  • IP67 in waterproof standards allows you to swim with it for less than 30 minutes
  • Good quality construction
  • Interchangeable bands so you can wear different colors according to the occasion
  • The functions work quite well compared to similar fitness trackers


  • It does not have a heart rate monitor which makes it useless for those who are looking for a fitness tracker that will offer them that function
  • The user manual has unclear instructions. Luckily, the bracelet is easy to use and not complicated to understand
  • When connected to a computer, the app will show a lot of advertisements
  • When it’s been underwater, it miscounts the steps

Image Waterproof Bluetooth Fitness Tracker Bracelet Smart Wrist Watch Band

Image sells a fitness tracker that is also available on Amazon, and you may find that it is one of the cheapest waterproof options on the market. Its main features are:


The bracelet comes with an OLED touch screen highly sensitive that turns when as soon as you flip your wrist. The screen displays time, date and a summary of your daily activities, and the face it shows can be changed according to your liking.

What’s interesting about the Image model is that it is sold only in black, making it a soberer option for those who like to keep it low. The smart bracelet counts steps, burned calories and all the basics a fitness tracker should do.

Likewise, it can be paired up with any Android 4.4 or higher, or an iOS 8.0. This makes any iPhone older than the iPhone 6 incompatible so keep an eye on this valuable information. It also requires Bluetooth 4.0 or above.

The waterproof level of the Image tracker is a very low IP64, making it one of the least water-resistant models you can get. You cannot submerge it underwater or take a shower with it as it will break down if you do.

The charging system is also a built-in, hidden USB port that can be connected to any device to recharge, and it lasts 6 days with a full battery. Lastly, it is made from a shockproof material that will keep it from breaking if you hit it with training equipment or something similar.


  • Among the cheapest options for those who have a low budget and still want a fitness tracker
  • It shows incoming texts and phone call on the OLED screen when you pair it up with your smartphone
  • It is shockproof
  • Hidden USB port doesn’t require chargers to recharge the battery
  • Highly sensitive screen lights up when you flip your wrist
  • The tracker and calories counters actually offer accurate data, which is a surprise as economic fitness trackers tend to fail at this
  • Only in black, sober design


  • What’s an advantage for some is a disadvantage for others, so the black-only option could be a downside for many
  • It takes a while to fit the shape of the user’s wrist. This could lead to the bracelet feeling uncomfortable before giving in
  • It has low waterproof IP level, which means that you cannot submerge it underwater
  • It does not have a heart rate monitor
  • The closing system of the straps can be difficult to close and could require strength which is a downside as you will have to take it off every time you take a shower

TwobeFit Fitness Tracker, Waterproof Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor

This fitness tracker by TwobeFit is a great option for those who a slightly higher budget. It costs less if you choose the purple color which, for some reason, is a bit cheaper than the other options.


TwobeFit’s smart bracelet is multi-functional and offers a whole lot of features. It has a step counter and a heart rate monitor, as well as a report on the burned calories.

Likewise, you can choose from 10 different activity modes that will make the information more accurate. Among these, you can find spinning, treadmill, and tennis.

The OLED small screen displays date, time and the daily activities record. You can see different pages of information by activating it with a tap and going from one side to the other.

It can also track the effective sleeping time during the night which can help you better understand your quality of sleep.

The fitness tracker can be paired up with any Android or iOS phone that has a Bluetooth 4.4 or higher. Once you do this, you can download and install the app to receive a whole lot more of information that the bracelet processes.

Vibrating alerts for incoming calls and messages are also a feature. The smart band by Image charges through a USB hidden port and can take up to 2 hours for the battery to fully charge. Once it’s done, it could last 7 days fully functioning.

Lastly, you can connect it to the GPS on your smartphone to check the paths and distances that you take while running, or to prevent your phone from losing as it also has an anti-lost system.


  • A 24-hour real-time heart rate monitor that offers data in resting, average, and exercising states
  • Auto sleep tracking shows reports of total effective sleeping time
  • GPS connectivity and mobile compatibility with any Android 4.4 or higher, or iOS 7.1 or higher
  • It has sedentary and waking alarms that silently vibrate
  • Cable-free charging system allows you to take it everywhere without the big charger
  • Can track steps and count calories consumed
  • It shows notifications for incoming SMS, calls, and SNS
  • Anti-lost alarm, useful for people who keep misplacing their phones


  • Unclear instructions on the manual
  • Compatibility issues with certain mobile models that meet the requirements but still don’t pair up
  • Slightly cheap construction
  • The colors are different from the pictures
  • Waterproof level doesn’t allow you to wear it in a pool


If you are planning on getting a fitness tracker soon, you can have a clearer idea of what you can get from these brands. Although they have different prices, they mostly offer the same basic functions: calories and step counters.

The differences reside in whether it has a heart rate monitor and auto sleep monitor, for example. If you want one of these, then the TwobeFit could be a great choice for you.

However, if you don’t mind the heart rate monitor and your budget is lower, the Image waterproof fitness tracker is a better option.

The waterproofness is also an important feature, and in these, the above named completely fail. Among the best for wearing underwater are the Coffea, the AmaBull, and the moreFit models perform much better.

The best waterproof fitness tracker is definitely the one that meets all your needs so when choosing, make sure that you read all the features carefully to know exactly what you’ll be getting when you make your buy.

If you are looking for a wearable tech that combines the attributes of a fitness tracker plus a smartwatch, the Garmin Vivosmart HR Activity Tracker Regular Fit – Black is what you need. We all have what we look for in our devices, but most people will go for a fitness tracker that lets them see notifications from their smartphone and doesn’t need to be stored away when you need to take a swim.

The Garmin Vivosmart HR Activity Tracker Regular Fit – Black comes with everything you need in an all-around fitness tracker. It measures your heart rate, tracks your sleep, monitors your daily activities, and comes with smartwatch-like functions and water resistance. Plus, a long battery life and strong watch-like buckle to secure it tightly to your wrist. What more could you ask for?
The Garmin Vivosmart HR Activity Tracker Regular Fit – Black is bigger than some of its contemporaries, but it also comes with more features. The Garmin Vivosmart HR Activity Tracker Regular Fit – Black features a sleek band similar to that of a wristwatch, and is comfortable and secure enough to keep the device on your wrist without any issues all day long. The Vivosmart HR comes with sensors that track your daily activities including the number of steps taken, distance covered, calories burned, floors climbed and activity intensity during workouts. The tracker also monitors your heart rate through the optical heart rate monitor at the back of the device, but you need to wear the device tightly for the sensor to work efficiently. The big screen shows you real-time stats of your calorie expenditure, heart rate, steps, distance travelled and active minutes. The Vivosmart also automatically tracks your sleep, and shows you how many hours of light and deep sleep you achieved during the night. The band also offers a vibration as a silent alarm to wake you up in the morning, and remind you to move after some time of inactivity.